The Tulsa Garden Center hosts The Nature Conservancy's "Malicious But Delicious"

Malicious but Delicious poster.jpg

Would you eat an invasive species? Well you can! The Nature Conservancy has challenged local chefs and restaurants to make you delicious dishes from invasive and native species as they compete for the coveted title "Nature Chef" at the inaugural fundraising event Malicious But Delicious on July 25th at 7:00pm at the Tulsa Garden Center.

Invasive species such as zebra mussels, eastern red cedar, and feral swine threaten Oklahoma’s native plants and animals. Help us eradicate them... by devouring them! But don't worry, the inedible ingredients like those listed will be replaced with edible ingredients; pork for feral swine, western red cedar for eastern, and mussels instead of zebra mussels.

Not only will your tastebuds be entertained, but your ears will too! John Fullbright, Oklahoma native and two-time Grammy nominated musician will perform live during your tasty adventures at Malicious But Delicious.

Proceeds from Malicious But Delicious will provide funding for the stewardship activities and operational funds required to manage the 105,000+ acres that The Nature Conservancy protects in Oklahoma. Come enjoy food, drinks, music, and more while supporting conservation in Oklahoma! Get your tickets now to try these one-time only dishes at

Dylan AxsomComment